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You will receive 90000 after EA tax (?).

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How To Identify Your Server

This year in Madden 18 Mobile you are placed in one of four servers that designate which auction house you will be using. We need to know which one of these four servers you are on to deliver your coins. It is Very Simple to do

**Note: For anyone who played Madden Mobile 17, the Server should be the same as last year**

STEP ONE: After logging into your Madden Mobile 18 account, choose the 'Options' button, next to 'MADDEN NFL' in the Top Left Corner Choose 'Marketplace'

STEP TWO: Choose 'Auction'

STEP THREE: Choose the 'Search' Feature

STEP FOUR: Enter the EXACT Following Information:

Player Name: Hendy

Price : Buy Now - Min '999111'

Buy Now - Max '999444'

After entering prices ranges, click 'Save'. Finally click 'Search' in the bottom right corner

FINAL STEP: How to identify your Server:

Look carefully at the numbers on the 'Buy Now' Prices:

If the Majority are '999111' - You are in Server #1

If the Majority are '999222' - You are in Server #2

If the Majority are '999333' - You are in Server #3

If the Majority are '999444' - You are in Server #4

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What are MUT Coins? What are Madden Mobile Coins?

MUT Coins are the in-game, virtual currency used to build your Madden Ultimate Team. Coins can be earned by completing numerous activities in the game, by purchasing packs from EA directly and then selling the cards on an Auction House, or our favorite, buying MUT Coins directly from us. These coins are then used on an Auction House to purchase different cards that you can use in-game. To see how many coins you currently have, look at the top right corner of the screen when you are inside the game mode. Anytime you purchase or sell a card your coin amount will update automatically.


3500 starting bid

24 hour auction

'Buy it Now' price is set to the amount of coins purchased